I Dream in Another Language

I dream in another language

Lør 4. nov kl 17.00
PS! Ticket price 60kr for all, members and A-members included

Sueño en otro idioma Mexico 2017 Regi Ernesto Contreras Manus Carlos Contreras Foto Tonatiuh Martínez Musikk Andrés Sánchez Med Fernando Álvarez Rebeil, José Manuel Poncelis, Eligio Meléndez 88 min DCP Spansk tale, engelsk tekst Aldersgrense 18 år

Cinemateket Trondheim in collaboration with the Mexican community of Trondheim and Oslo/Fusion is organizing the screening of I Dream in Another Language as part of a Mexican Movie Festival. The festival has the goal to collect funds for the reconstruction of Mexico after the Earthquakes. All the funds will be allocated to the Ambulante fund to help in the reconstruction of Mexico.

For more information about the receiving NGO visit this link:https://www.ambulante.org/2017/09/ambulante-lanza-una-campana-recaudacion-fondos-los-damnificados/. The entry fee is 60 NOK but higher payments are also well received.

I Dream in Another Language:
Zikril is a dying language. Only two elderly men, Isauro and Evaristo, keeps the language alive. Linguist Martin arrives in the village to study the language, something that is revealed to be a challenge when Isauro and Evaristo simply denies to speak to one another. The two were best friends at a young age, but their friendship ended when a woman came between them. But was this the actual reason for the 50 years of silence that followed? In the midst of the Mexican jungle Martin and Evaristo’s granddaughter has to solve a lifelong conflict before it is too late.

I Dream in Another Language tells two magical-realist love stories deep in the steaming Mexican jungle, and is Contreras most ambitious work to date. A mysterious reflection on the power that lies in a language, and in love. The film has received awards around the world, among them the Audience Award at Sundance. The film also won best picture at Oslo/Fusion in September, and we thank Oslo/Fusion for the assistance in bringing the film to Trondheim.